Synapses Learning

Wilderness Learning Camp

For whom?
  1. Individuals
  2. School students, between the age of 12 to 16 years with a flare for adventure.
  3. College students, especially freshers undergoing induction during the first year of specialized management courses.
  4. Corporate groups, especially new inductees on the executive level and middle level management employees.
What’s in it?
What does one need to know when going on a self sustained camping trip? Take a look at what’s listed below :
  1. Planning and Logistics
  2. Map reading
  3. Equipment and gear knowledge
  4. Elementary weather forecasting
  5. Elementary astronomy
  6. Wilderness First Aid
  7. Camp cooking and rations
  8. Knowledge and selection of an ideal camp site
  9. Leave no trace
The objective of this module works on two broad levels as listed below:
  1. Participants learn the ethics of camping. Camping is a great leisure activity, which brings the participants closer to the outdoors. What is needed, is to understand and respect the boundaries between humans and nature. These programs develop a healthy and positive outlook in individuals towards nature and outdoors.
  2. Build on camaraderie and leadership skills. As an activity, camping is also when people develop strong bonds with each other. There is a great sense of camaraderie established, when working together in the outdoors, within limited resources, while surrounded in a natural environment that invokes the spirit of challenge and adventure. This is where peers develop a healthy relationship with each other and leadership skills are sharpened.
Key notes
  1. The itinerary for such programs may be idealized for an overnight stay, or multiple days of extended treks.
  2. The overnight modules are an excellent platform for corporate and student groups, considering that these modules ‘drive home the point’ within a limited time period.

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