Synapses Learning

We specialize in adventure. Be it climbing mountains, or running rivers, extended Himalayan treks or wildlife safaris. Considering the vast and varied expanse of terrain in the country, our Adventures vary accordingly.

And not just that.

Such a lifestyle has also been an opportunity for us to develop on our experiences and deliver various learning programs. These programs carry an excellent framework for enhancing teamwork, confidence, motivation & leadership through the Outdoors for all participants.

That apart, the programs are also a great platform to learn, develop, and enhance various outdoor skills and adventure sports.

Our programs have been designed keeping in mind specifically
  1. Individuals: Interested in learning an adventure sport
  2. College / corporate group: Interested in management training programs with various aspects of team building and leadership development exercises
We offer the following programs:
  1. Adventure Sports

  2.    Wilderness Learning Camps

  3.     Corporate and Student Programs