Fixed Departures 2013

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So, what’s on your map for 2013? Take a look at our bearings for 2013, dotted with some easy to very strong grades of an escapade. Choose your style. Choose your flair. Choose what suits you the best. Choose your dream get-away. Choose your most challenging endeavour. Choose what you may, and get out there with us!

Two peaks, Mt. Golep Kangri (5900 mts) and Mt. Stok Kangri (6,120 mts). One river, The Indus. Join us as we kick off our departures this season in Ladakh with a non-technical but challenging trekking expedition to these two peaks, and experience the rush of white water rafting on the Indus. Read more on Destination – Ladakh: The Adrenaline Rush
Grade: Strong

Want to keep it relaxed, and explore the back of beyond on wheels rather than on foot? If you are up for some cultural delights in this high altitude desert called Ladakh, then hop on board for the Korzok Gustor celebrations by the Tso Moriri Lake. Read more on Destination – Ladakh: The Korzok Gustor Festival
Grade: Easy

Get up close and explore some really sweet spots in the Garhwal Himalayas on our classic ‘Discover Uttrakhand’. Apt for those who want a heady mix of a trek with grand views, quaint mountain villages, and the rush of white water rafting on the Ganga. Read more on Destination – Uttrakhand: The Chopta and Rishikesh Trail
Grade: Medium

Nat Geo has listed it as one of their adventure hotspots for 2013. We like to think of it more as an adventure hotspot of a life time. This one will take you on a 2-week trek through thick forests, deep valleys, through the heart of the sherpa capital in the world, on to the oxygen depraved high altitude terrain, and eventually to the base of the tallest mountain in the world. Destination – Everest Base Camp. Read more on The Everest Base Camp Trek
Grade: Strong

Feeling a little more adventurous? Try out our RAW DEAL series. These are self sustained treks, where in you get to carry your own gear, supplies, ration clothes etc. We are talking at least 20kgs. No guides, no porters. There will be one Trip Leader from Synapses Adventures who will be show you the way. A great opportunity to learn some classic outdoor and survival skills.
This one is not for the faint hearted join in only if you are absolutely sure of yourself! Read more on Raw Deal I – The Kinnaur Kailash Parikrama and Raw Deal II – The Patal Ganga Trail
Grade: Very Strong

A natural boundary that divides India and Nepal, the Maha-Kali river is an ideal get-away for some exciting white water fun. Spend your days running down the river, evenings setting up the camp (on either the Indian side or the Nepal side of the river), by the bonfire. The Mahasheer and the Catfish a.k.a ‘Goonch’ are some great games that the river has to offer for angling. Contact Us for detailed information on the Mahakali Expedition
Grade: Strong

So tell us, which way does your compass point? We will take you there…

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