Rafting Expeditions, India

Relatively new in India, Rafting has been on the adventure tourism map for decades now! There is nothing quite like the ‘pure adrenaline rush’ one gets from riding foaming white water rapids. The rivers in the upper Himalayas are among the best in the world for the sport, with many staircase rapids that challenge the body and spirit of a river runner. Another white water sport that smacks of ingenuity & individuality is kayaking; this is a one-person sport requiring a big heart & great love for the water. We at Synapses Adventures offer rafting and kayaking expeditions for small and large groups and cover some of the most revered rivers of India.

Do write to us with your plan and we will customize an itinerary for you.

We Cover


The holy Ganges and its tributaries offer exhilarating white water rush for both the professional and amateur river runners. Alakhnanda (IV to IV+) and Bhagirathi (IV to V) the main tributaries of Ganga offer some great creeking and surfing, Tons, a tributary of Yamuna in eastern Gharwal is a good medium flow river with plenty of grade IV and IV+, Pabar offers a variety of challenges, from continuous IV to VI in the upper reaches to some solid grade IV and V on its lower reaches and a 12m waterfall. MahaKali a natural boundary between India and Nepal offers grade III – IV class rapids and is a favorite haunt for anglers for its mighty Mahaseer.

Season: Ganga, Mahakali & Alakhnanda are in operated from October to April and the rest are operated in spring and fall.


With the river Beas the region has already an earned a status in the kayaking community, the river presents some good grade V above Manali, grade IV through Manali and below is grade III mainly for rafting. Apart from Beas there are other interesting riviers, such as Parvati which shows the same characteristics as beas, with continuous gradient, Sutlej a major drainage descending from Lake Mansarovar flat through Lahaul turns into some incredible high volume the moment it enters Kinnaur, Bhaga starting from Darcha is very dependable on water levels and should be attempted by a strong team with good experience and Chenab starting from Keylong offers good grade IV – VI exploratory kayaking.

Season: Beas & Sutlej are operated from October to April and the rest in are operated in Spring and fall.


The Zanskar (III-IV), Tsarap Chu (IV-VI), Upper Indus (IV) and Indus (II-III) are the main expedition rivers. Tsarap Chu, one of the tributaries of Zanskar starts up high in the Zanskar range, with the put in is at 4300 meters the river offers some serious white water with bone biting cold, it meets Zanskar at Padum. Zanskar from Padum to Nimmu runs through a magnificent gorge in the Zanskar range also reffered to as the grand canyon of India and offers some great white water rush. Indus flows through the Leh valley and by far is the most scenic white water runs in the country, exciting (II-IV) rapids take you through the moon landscape with the backdrop of snow-clad peaks and quaint monastries.

Season:The main season to runs these rivers is from May to August.


Arunachal Pradesh is the ultimate choice! The river Brahmaputra, one of the greatest rivers in the world, offers a 10 day expedition through dense rainforests, tribal habitations and some great white water. The river Subansari, the biggest tributary of the Brahmaputra also offers a spectacular 4-5 day expedition through deep gorges and some of the remote areas of Arunachal Pradesh. The main rivers of the state are the mighty Brahmaputra and its tributaries, the Lohit and the Subansari.

Season:November to March, after the Monsoon.