About Us

Our Vision & Aim

“People , Learning , Wilderness”

‘Standing atop a mountain, taking in the fresh air while watching the evening sun light up a golden glow on snow capped peaks.

Sitting on a silver sand beach, watching the emerald green river flow, realizing it has been so since time immemorial, yet never the same with every passing second. Lying down on the shimmering brown desert sands and viewing the countless, a wondrous revelation of constellations and shooting stars!

Even though we may not speak the same language, and yet, just understanding by a look or perhaps a deep throated growl, that for once, they are not in our territory, but we are in theirs.’

These are some of the awe inspiring and humbling delights that we have come across, while in pursuit of our passion – “THE OUTDOORS”.

The greatest of joys is in the simplest of all things, and more often than not, the simplest ones are the most ignored ones too. As a race, we humans have by far ignored the value and heritage the natural world has to offer us.

By conservation and by learning, thus creating the right awareness, we envisage sharing with those around us and our future generations, the heritage of our natural world, our true legacy.

An ever widening gap between humans and nature, a result of our own fallacy, we envisage bridging this gap and bringing the two together through travel and adventure.

We understand, that we are as much a part of this natural world, as it is a part of us, that it has always been so. We envisage that it will always be so…

We Aim to be the premiere outdoors’ organization in the realm of mountaineering & allied sports, travel and outdoor learning, while being environmentally sensitive in all our practices and policies.

Our Values & Services

  1. Excellence: We seek excellence in what we do, and in who we are, as individuals and as an organization.
  2. Learning: Learning is the key to development, and continuous learning assures better knowledge and better development.
  3. Passion: We believe in what we do. Our faith in our vision motivates us even more to pursue our endeavors with our minds and our hearts.
  4. Conservation: Our planet has never been as vulnerable as it is today. We have taken a pledge to carry with us, at all times, a commitment to conservation.

At ‘Synapses Adventures’ we organize and conduct Mountaineering Expeditions in the Indian Himalayas, River Rafting Expeditions on major Himalayan rivers, Himalayan Treks, Overland Safaris to Ladakh, Cultural and Tribal Tours to North East India, Wildlife Tours, Corporate and Outdoor Learning Programs.

Core Team

Mandeep Dhillon

Born in Jammu and with a childhood spent studying in a boarding school in the Himalayas, Mandeep has traveled throughout his life to remote areas of the country as part of a family of the Indian Army. His work life has given him experiences ranging from hospitality to quality and further on to the great outdoors. A brief career with the corporate sector, which very soon grew out of him, saw him moving on to do what he enjoyed the most. He completed his Mountaineering Courses from Himalayan Mountaineering Institute (HMI) and Nehru Institute of Mountaineering (NIM) and Trip Leaders course from the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS). Today, he is an avid climber and has been going for mountaineering expedition to the Himalayas, and when not away he heads Sales for Synapses.

Aditya Shinde

Born and brought up in an Army family, Aditya got his opportunity to foster a spirit for travel and the great outdoors at an early age. Following a trail through the Hotel and Corporate industry, he eventually hung his boots in a well set career as a Corporate Trainer. He then went on to complete his Mountaineering Courses from the Himalayan Mountaineering Institute (HMI) and get certified as a Wilderness First Responder (WFR) by the Wilderness Medicine Institute (WMI) of the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS). He heads Operations for Synapses, where in he leads groups to different destinations to work with them on Outdoor Learning programs or for Treks and even Mountaineering Expeditions. For Aditya the journey began with enjoying what he used to do, and the road has now moved on to doing what he enjoys the most.